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  • NHS Corporate Leadership Award

    On March 22, 2011, Denis Pierce, President of Pierce & Associates was honored with the 2011 Corporate Leadership Award from Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS) for using philanthropy to improve access to homeowners facing foreclosure.

    Since Denis first became aware of NHS’ work in 2008, Pierce & Associates and Denis Pierce personally have contributed more than $1,000,000 to NHS and its Home Ownership Preservation Initiative “HOPI.”

    $1,000,000 dollars to leverage NHS’ groundbreaking work in foreclosure prevention!

    This major philanthropic support, and the support of more than 20 leading financial institutions and foundations, enabled NHS, through its 2003 HOPI program, to save over 3,800 homes from foreclosure, counsel over 18,000 at-risk borrowers, and reclaim nearly 840 vacant, abandoned buildings.

    Denis’ vision resulted in a matching gift challenge during NHS’ winter Annual Appeal Campaign that resulted in NHS’ most successful individual giving campaign to date for funds raised and new individual donors.

    Denis brings people together, creating valuable partnerships. Through Denis’ efforts, NHS established a relationship with the Attorneys Title Guarantee Fund that, in partnership with the City of Chicago, resulted in six “Fix Your Mortgage” events across the city that helped 3,500 Chicago families file timely mortgage modification paperwork with their lender.

    When NHS needed technical assistance to better enhance, organize, and track foreclosure data, Pierce & Associates was there; providing crucial funding for a technology firm to build a new client management system for NHS called PraxisCS. This new system has improved both counselor and reporting efficiency and allowed NHS to serve more homeowners in financial hardship. In fact, this system may soon be adopted by counseling agencies across the country.

    Pierce and Associates is proud to accept the 2011 NHS Corporate Leadership Award for finding a way to harness the power of philanthropy to improve the lives of Chicago-area families and for helping NHS build, grow and lead.

  • Pierce and Associates truly understands the need for good customer service and communication. This is our top priority. We know that a happy client leads to a successful, long term relationship. We have been successfully working with some of our clients for over 30 years.

    The default servicing industry has become exceedingly complex, and we believe we have developed systems, training, procedures, and policies to keep up with the never ending increased complexity.

    Our Customer Service Department conducts on going training so as to insure we are sensitive and responsive in all our communications. We take pride in the awards and recognitions we have won over the years as we continue to strive to be the best we can be.

    We appreciate the relationship we have built with our clients over the years, and we look forward to developing new relationships with many of those that visit our website and get to know us. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Nearly thirty years ago, Pierce and Associates established its own in-house title insurance company. We are also registered title insurance agents for First American Titile Insurance Co., Ticor Title Insurance Co., a division of Fidelity Title Insurance Co., and Attorney Title Guaranty Fund, a local title company owned and operated by Illinois attorneys. As such we are able to perform virtually all of the services offered by a commercial title insurance company.

    Our 30 years in the default title business has given us an expertise that is not found in a traditional title insurance company. We have also established a Title Curative Department to help resolve the many title issues we are seeing these days. We have the experience to solve title problems, and to efficiently and quickly close REO deals

  • With an office staff of over 400, Pierce and Associates has developed a strong Management and Quality Control system. Pierce and Associates has an executive management group consisting of its three senior managing attorneys, this group is responsible for the overall management of the firm.

    Each of our 20 departments in the office is headed by a Department Supervisor. All of our supervisors have at least five years of experience with Pierce and Associates, and some of them have more than 20 years with the firm. They are assisted by Department Managers and Coordinators in guiding staff members. Supervisors have regular supervisory meetings, as well as weekly department meetings to review new procedures and policies as well as, cover processing and performance issues and staffing levels.

    We also have a number of standing committees including our Operations Committee, Disaster Recovery Committee, Marketing Committee, Compliance Committee, Technology Support Committee, Charity Committee, and IT Development. Through our various departments and committees, we have developed an effective system to continually monitor and enhance performance and processing resulting in exceptional timeline performance and communication.